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Premier Li calls for cutting Internet service fees

Ecns.cn    2015-04-16 11:04:00    

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang called for a reduction of Internet service fees during a meeting Tuesday in Beijing.

Li said the first question people usually ask at a place is if there is WiFi, because Internet service fees are "too high."

At the meeting, Ding Lei, CEO of Internet technology company NetEase, said high Internet costs may impede blue-collar workers from sharing their expertise online, include training and medical information.

Spending 70 yuan for one gigabyte (GB) of data is really expensive, says Ding.

In response, Li has asked for studies about how to reduce Internet service fees, and has personally suggested a strategy of "small profits but quick turnover" for operators.

The premier also urged an accelerated pace of coordination to improve China's telecommunication infrastructure, which he said is "too underdeveloped" and "hard to imagine."

He said China has fallen behind in Internet development, and that there is much room to improve infrastructure and Internet access speeds.

Editor:Yu Liang