Highlights of President Xi's speech

CCTV.cn    2015-09-24 14:43:00    

President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at a banquet in Seattle Tuesday evening. He told very personal stories of poverty and his own experiences as a youth, while speaking of how China's 'opening up' has changed lives for the Chinese.

He also said there is still much to do, with 200 million people still living below the poverty line.

Xi allayed global concern about China's economy and said the government's role in the markets is to prevent panic and provide stabilization. Xi also reiterated that there is no basis for continued devaluation of the Chinese currency.

The president addressed human rights and the judicial system in China, saying reforms are "ongoing" and the country is ready to discuss them with the US.

When it came to cyber security, Xi said cyber attacks are crimes that must be punished, and called for a high-level dialogue mechanism with the US.

Speaking of China's sweeping anti-corruption campaign, the president said there is no power struggle and no “House of Cards.” He said he hopes that the US will support China's hunt for fugitives.

When it came to China's role on the global stage, Xi said China is committed to a peaceful rise and is not interested in hegemony.

Xi insisted that China and the US should build a new model of major-country relationship of no-conflict, no-confrontation, mutual trust and win-win cooperation, and to avoid miscalculations and misperceptions. He said people-to-people exchanges are key to achieving that.

Editor:Yu Liang