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Mother dies of heatstroke while 'sitting the month'

Global Times    2017-07-20 14:50:00    

  A new mother in East China's Shandong Province died Sunday of heatstroke after wrapping herself up in blankets as part of a Chinese tradition of postpartum care called zuoyuezi.

  The twenty-something woman was sent to hospital for treatment after she had worn a thick sweater and wrapped herself in a quilt despite summer temperatures soaring in the region.

  She later died from heart and liver complications brought on by severe heatstroke, media reported.

  According to the woman's family, they were worried that the new mother "might develop life-long ailments if she didn't stay warm," read the report.

  The woman had been following the practice of zuoyuezi. Translated to "sitting the month," the tradition encourages new mothers to rest at home one month after giving birth.

  Among the many restrictions for mothers include not eating cold foods, avoiding cold air, not leaving the bed or taking showers.

  Families also maintain high temperatures in the home, believing it good for postpartum recovery.

  However, this practice is widely discouraged by medical professionals.

  The tradition has been faulted for similar deaths in recent years.

  In 2015, a new mother in Shanghai also died of heatstroke ten days after giving birth after similarly wrapping herself in blankets during the summer.

Editor:Yu Liang